Climate Change and the KS3 curriculum

What role can the English curriculum play in helping young people to navigate the changing climate?

We believe that reading and talking about climate change in the English classroom compliments and enhances discussions students already experience in their STEM and Geography lessons.

We offer CPD events for KS3 English teachers on how current teaching materials can facilitate climate change discussions, and recommendations for texts that can foster a holistic, cross-school approach to learning about the changing climate. Our sessions showcase how English plays a key part in delivering UNESCO’s ‘whole school approach’ and how English can be more fully utilised in generating climate change awareness and coping with climate change anxiety. If you are interested in attending a CPD event please contact us.

Are you a KS3 English teacher interested to attend to our upcoming Climate Conversations: Teaching Climate Change in the KS3 English Classroom online event on 28th June 2023?


Previous KS3 events: