What we do

We empower readers and educators not just to love books but to ask what kind of worlds they show us.

We are passionate about literature. Picture books, chapter books, poetry, old books, new books, classics or popular books. We want children’s literature to form the foundation for creating critical, empathetic children who can enjoy healthy debate about what stories do and find a freedom in not being dictated a ‘right’ answer to; if we begin by teaching children to read Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Beatrix Potter’s  Peter Rabbit critically then we will conclude by seeing adults who will apply exactly that skill to fake news or social media posts.

We want to make sure that our research in English literature and Education steps out of the academic library and to where it is needed most, the classrooms, staff rooms,  sitting rooms, and publishing houses as far and wide as possible.

Read our Research lead posts

Our posts will take our published research on children’s literature, new ideas in fields of education and literature, make them accessible and show how you can begin to embrace critical theory and critical literacy in your homes, classrooms, libraries or publishing houses. We can’t possibly cover all the millions of children’s books, we may well not cover your favourite one gifted to you by an old uncle (but do tell us about it!), but once you begin to see tricks for stepping back from the book, for seeing the otherwise invisible ideologies that might lie behind it, then you can apply our theories to all your stories.  Anyone who reads children’s literature should, we hope, benefit from exploring this site.

Book a Session for your school

We do, as you may well see from our Twitter feed, sometimes visit schools. We can offer CPD sessions, classroom sessions (specialising in Dahl or picture books but we are open to other literature too). We have also run parent sessions – where we encourage parents to keep reading to their children and to ask these questions too.

Book a session for your publishing house

Publishers also occasionally use our services and we are open to deliver sessions about the invisible ideologies that are sometimes present in our children’s literature.


Listen out for us on the Radio from time to time, (often BBC Radio Wales) talking about whatever is new and newsworthy in the children’s literature world.